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吴小平,高平山(凯里学院数学与计算机科学系,贵州凯里 556000;首都师范大学信息工程学院, 北京 100037)

摘 要
Recording of Fresnel Holograms with A CCD Target and Numerical Reconstruction

WU Xiaoping,GAO Pingshan(Mathematics & Computer Science Department, Kaili College, Guizhou Kaili 556000;Information Engineering College, Capital Normal University, Beijing 100037)

In order to let the CCD recording and the reconstruction of the Fresnel hologram run well, a algorithm of numerical reconstruction is designed. Fresnel digital hologram is recorded directly with a CCD target instead of a conventional holographic plate on in-line configuration, and stored as a BitMap file in the computer. A real image of the original object can be reconstructed from the hologram by the numerical method instead of the optical diffraction. The paper deals with an experimental design of the in-line holographic recording with a CCD and the algorithm of numerical reconstruction and the un-destructibility of the digital hologram are verified with a computer program.