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章毓晋(清华大学电子工程系, 北京 100084)

摘 要
目的 在《中国图象图形学报》创刊20年后,回顾和总结其20年来的发展情况,分析当前状态,并展望未来方向。方法 对1996年创刊以来前20年的出版情况和数据进行统计和分析,包括学报创刊情况,所设栏目(及其文献数量)和主题,所发表的文献综述系列的概况及所反映的特点,以及学报的出版期数、页数、篇数(包括每期页数、每期篇数、每篇页数等)与它们的变化和趋势。结果 将学报的统计数据与其他14种图像工程刊物进行了对比,反映了学报在相关领域的相对专业地位和学术水平,也揭示了若干值得改进的方向。结论 经过20年的努力和发展,学报已是相关专业领域里的一个重要刊物,但还有继续提高的需求和目标。
Statistical analysis of the publication of Journal of Image and Graphics founded 20 years

Zhang Yujin(Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China)

Objective Twenty years after the creation of the Journal of Image and Graphics, its development in the past 20 years are to be reviewed, its current status are to be reviewed and summarized, and its future directions are to be looked ahead. Method Carrying out the statistics and analysis of published data and state of affairs in the first 20 years since the inception of this journal in 1996, including the creation circumstance, the setting columns (with the number of papers) and topics, the general situation and the characteristics reflected in the survey series published in this journal, as well as the number of publication periods, the number of pages and the number of articles (including the pages of each issue, each number of articles, each of pages, etc.), and their changes and trends. Result These statistical data are compared with other 14 image engineering journals, the technology position and academic level of this journal in the relevant field are reflected and established. Conclusion After 20 years of evolution and progress, this journal is already an important publication source in the specialized field, nevertheless there are continuing requirements and goals for improvements.